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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can I Let Go, Or Can I Let GO?

Can I let go, or can I let go? Methinks I can... HA! Let's just have a moment of silence please, for the year of blogging that wasn't. For the memories not recorded that are now forgotten and ever will be, because brains can't remember everything, unfortunately.

*moment of silence*

Okay then, moving right along... but what to say? Hmmmmm, I'm not sure. I'm blogging again because I decided it's good for the soul. Last week I read through some of my old posts and I have to say, I made myself LOL a few times. I also made myself cringe a number of times, but I'm not gonna reveal over what, haha. But reading past posts made me want to give blogging another go. So here I go!

Last night I decided to go out and take a picture of something. I haven't been doing much of that the last few weeks because I've been busy, but the mood suddenly struck and I hopped in the car with my camera. I drove around for a few minutes and spotted what looked like a small dog darting around the hills with some mustangs. But I new it wasn't a dog right away... I knew it was a frolicking foal.

I don't know if it's actually been medically proven, but I can tell you for sure that watching baby animals frolic is good for ones health. Good for the soul even.



Judging from what I've seen in other foals, I would guess that this one was probably less than a week old... a little boy.

It kind of looks like I did one of those photoshop painting treatments on these, but I didn't. It was nearly dark when I snapped them, about 7:30 pm, so I had to bump my ISO way up and lower my shutter speed to get enough light. The combination of low shutter speed and staying focused on the foal while panning the camera created the background blur, and the blur of his legs. I like these kind of shots! So I didn't do a painting thing, but I did drastically play with the color tones and brightness etc.. Basically, I've become a post processing FANATICO!!! It's kind of an illness I think. But that's how I roll these days, so deal with it ;-)

In other news, Ella has a boyfriend, Sophie and Eva just tracked off for the month of April and Sophie is sick, Spring has sprung (as of today) and Matt will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown any minute now with so much work to do... and finally, I have something exciting to share with you about my brain in the near future. I think... haha. Maybe not. But maybe yes.

Until then, ciao for now peeps :)


Laura said...

You're back! And boring? Hardly!! Love the pictures of the baby. Makes me want to frolic.

nevadanista said...

Yay, thanks Laura :)

Barbaloot said...

Welcome back:) Hooray for google reader that let's me know.

Love the pictures. I fake took a photography class, but clearly I failed since your explanation of how you took them was fully lost on me.

nevadanista said...

Hey thanks Barbaloot! Hmmmmm... maybe I failed at the explaining part.

Our Family said...

Hooray! Now I get to have my regular good laugh by reading your blog. We know how it goes around here, though. Sometimes life just gets too busy and it's nice to take a break. Glad you're back!!

black bear cabin said...

so glad youre back...i enjoy your posts very much...funny, witty, and full of great photos! :) happy blogging!
if you need an excuse for time spent blogging, then have them made into books each year...ive been doing that here,and they are so fun to sit down with ;)

nevadanista said...

Thanks ladies! My mom wants me to do that Lisa, so I think I'll check it out :)